BPI- M3 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS coming soon

The BPI Team will be releasing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS images soon. Users whoever are interested, please follow us on the forum.

Maybe this is a bit OT but is there any Ubuntu 14.04 image advable for m3? I’m asking because stable versions of frameworks like ROS and many other programs are only for Ubuntu 14.04.

Is there a working version for the M2?

you can use bootsel let it working on BPI-M2 or BPI-M2+

Excuse my ignorance, is ‘bootsel’ a program or a command? Can I write the image on a SD Card and boot it up in the BPI-M2?

I asked this also some days ago but @sinovoip seems to only answer to questions he’s not reading/understanding. I’m still puzzled that this should be the official Banana support channel?

You even didnt release a full fonctioning 14.4 image :sweat_smile: