[BPI-M3] New image:Berryboot and GPU (PowerVR SGX544) included in Ubuntu Mate 15.10

I am disappointed. so I changed Ubuntu back to Android. (Works youtube and video playback), But i have one problem. I attach an external hard drive (formatted to NTFS) to banana. I want it to use torrent storage, but on Android withour rooting is not possible to write to usb device.

I tried it ttorrent and utorrent, but no acces to set the eternal drive to download folder.

Any idea?

Can confirm it works when the image is burned to micro sd card under Windows with win32diskimager, but not with dd!! Yields glmark of 249…


works on eMMC ?? with win32diskimager ?

Probably not on eMMC. I know it is working, but the browsers does not play YouTube. I wonder what may be the problem.

The HW video decoder.

Do you know why : “sudo dd if=boot0_sdcard.fex of=${card} bs=1k seek=8” kill my BPI-BOOT partition ?

After it isn’t accessible : input/output error

I think, if this problem has solution, we can flash eMMC with ubuntu + gpu support

Exactly the same happened to me today. :frowning:


Thank you for your effort and the resulting image. I am having trouble using it, because I have to use a HDMI->DVI converter, and when I use that I get no picture on my screen. I guess the reason is: http://linux-sunxi.org/Banana_Pi_M3#HDMI_to_DVI_converters

Would you be so kind to build an image that does output a picture through a converter?

Thank you in advance!

no, micro sd card of course. But running from sd card, you can dd the image to the internal emmc. See my report in the regular Ubuntu image download page from Dec/Jan.

I suppose, you should NOT do this procedure with this image. It is a berryboot image, quite not compatible with the github boot loader stuff. You can only use it as it is…

See my report in the regular Ubuntu image download page from Dec/Jan. You have to fiddle in a config file and be able to rebuild and patch the boot partition.