BPI M3 - Need to know pin to attach a ttl-rs232 converter (Not for debug)


I need to know the pin’s number to connect an adapter TTL->RS232 to connect a serial device.

Anyone help me ?




Thanks for your answer,

On the site that you’ve linked the pin 8 and 10 are uart2, in the picture on the bpi 3 website http://www.banana-pi.org/m3.html

Those pins are uart0.

What’s right?


On the BPI M3, there’s 4 TTL serial port available via the output pins. The USART 0 (the pins next to the ethernet port, I think those are also used for a default debug/console output, should be possible to use it for something else I suppose), the USART 1 is free, and is on pins 8 and 10 on the connector, just connect your TTL to RS232 TX and RX there and it should work fine :).

In case you need the other signals (RTS, CTS ect), you’ll need to “activate” and configure the other USART (2 or 3) in the sys_config.fex, or change the type of USART 1 (2 to 4 signals and assign some GPIO lines to those) please see this topic here (and the link in the last message) : GPS module communicate using serial