BPI-M3 is in stock now ,The batch will ready within this week

BPI-M3 is in stock now ,The batch will ready within this week

Note: for this batch, we have replace micro USB power port with DC port. micro USB power max support 5V/2A , with DC port ,can max support 5V/3A power adapter, so use can add more accessories on BPI-M3


@noralee This is good news, do you also offer in your shop a heatsink ?

yes ,we have heatsink accessories support.

You do, I cannot find it, have a look by yourself !

not heatsink on board, it can add by user.


for BPI-M3, only need add A83T heatsink

we add at this link:


Thank you. There is no information about the size in Millimeter about this heatsink. Can you add this in the shop?

OK ,i will let our colleague to add this information.

Thank you to do that. This is good service.

Power Supply: In the Item specifics it says: Dissipation Power: 3W

did you mean 3 Ampere ?

it is 5V/2A power, support 10W , BPI-M3, about need 3-4W

This is great! But do you plan to develop your tech support?