BPI-M2 Zero, unable to change mode of GPIO Pins

Hi, my first post here!

I’m just learning about the BPI-M2 Zero and want to control LEDs with the GPIO Pins and python. I have successfully done this on a RPi Zero W with no issues.

I’m running Armbian_20.02.4_Bananapim2zero_buster_current_5.4.18_desktop on two BPI-M2 Zero.

I have installed the RPi.GPIO from https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/RPi.GPIO with no errors and also installed BPI-WiringPi2.

Scripts to change the mode of a pin and flash an LED don’t have any effect on either BPI zeros. All pins are in the ‘IN’ mode and I can’t change them.

Also on one of my BPI-M2 Zero, the BCM pint number is in the hundreds 276, 251 etc which seems wrong?

Any help would be very much appreciate! Thank you!

Not sure if this wiringpi works on modern kernel … check this:

and here

Hi Colin, I’m configuring and using my GPIO PIN via shell commands on my bpi zero and it works. Your BMC values looks wrong. So I tried to install the RPi.GPIO on my 20.05.02 buster version but my bpi zero is not found, I get these errors: [email protected]:~$ gpio -v gpio version: 2.26 Copyright © 2012-2015 Gordon Henderson This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For details type: gpio -warranty

Unable to determine hardware version. I see: Hardware : Allwinner sun8i Family ,

So I can’t check the BMC values on my board. Please how did you install the RPi.GPIO on your bpi zero ?

I’ve also installed the BPI-Wirering-PI2 same problem, but on my bpi M1 I fount the BMC colume named as CPU with the right values.

Regards Wolfgang

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