BPi-M2 Zero Raspbian Buster CPU Temp is divided by 1000

I´ve used the latest Rasbian Stretch Image and upgraded it to Raspbian Buster to install Klipper, Moonraker and Mainsail. It works very well, but unfortuanly if I read out the CPU temp of /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp I only get the 2 digit output like 61 instead of 61000 as it should be. So when I add the CPU temp to my Mainsail config i get a value lower than 0 cause Mainsail divides the temp readout by 1000, too. Can someone help?

Google drive From the bpi wiki has a Raspian bullseye light. That booted and was able to ssh into.

Thanks for your reply. I´ll try

I think I understand your issue, you could try with kernel 5.15 I leave you my images in case you like to try

I´ve tried the image, but the bpi won´t boot. Do I have to change something?

How to upgrade the kernel to 5.15? I´m a linux noob :wink:

Use https://www.armbian.com/

just use apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y likewise in the images that I leave you they are already with that kernel