BPI-M2+ new image:Raspbian Jessie(debian 8) BPI-M2P (20160408)

Soon, after having found a boot rescue the BPI-M3 came alive again.

  1. Flashed android to emmc using livesuite made it boot. No instructions on how to get it to boot from sd again made me frustrated. But after a few reboots and with no post explanations it suddenly booted from the sd card I had put in with the 2016-04-27 img I had downloaded and burnt to the card. Success! Until I tried to run a complete update. Once again it goes warm - this time in spite of heat sinks mounted. It didn’t completely die, but update took a bit over one hour running on just the one core still puffing away. I would under no circumstances advice anyone to use it and do buy another board this one is not worth testing.