[BPI-IoT]BPI-Flash-Net html 5 module

Flash-Net Brief Introduction

  1. Wonderful combination of Flash animation and SCM micro control technology
  2. Windows + Panel Computer + Smart – Phone + SCM
  3. Development and application of cross-platform network
  4. The closest practice platform for college students
  5. No worry for thesis and job-hunting
  6. To achieve more!!!


  1. Intelligent Robot, toy and Anime video game;
  2. Intelligent home control system, building control BAS system;
  3. Architectural lighting, LED project and stage lighting control;
  4. Guest room control system;
  5. HMI man-machine interface for industrial automatic control configuration;
  6. Efficient, environmental friendly measure & control system for motor room;
  7. Network access control, lighting linkage and alarm system for security guard;

Inner Structure of Flash-Net

BPI-Flash-Net demo board:

more information ,please see our online gitboot documents:


how to use BPI-Flash-Net with demo development board.