BPI-F2P new image:Ubuntu server 20.04.1 and Ubuntu mate 20.04.1 image

Banana Pi BPI-F2P with BPI-F2P-SUB expansion board

Base on BPI-F2S BPS code with kernel 4.19 : https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-F2S-bsp

also support BPI-F2P-SUB baord . all function test fine:

BPI-F2P new image:Ubuntu server 20.04.1 image

BPI-F2P new image: Ubutntu mate 20.04.1 image

more about BPI-F2P:


I downloaded the server version and burn the image onto an SD Card using belenaEtcher. Then make sure the boot selector switch is properly set to boot from SD Card.

Here is my finding after all the effort to install Ubuntu server version:

  1. there is no HDMI output so I need to use the serial debugger. I’m using Mac and Coolterm
  2. Username/Password: root/bananapi
  3. OpenSSH Server is not accepting connection using password - need to change a line in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Find a line ‘PasswordAuthentication no’ and change to ‘PasswordAuthentication yes’

Next is to figure out how to boot from EMMC

It would be good if they could do a quick start guide like BPI-M5. it will help beginners like me to learn and get the board up and running faster.

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