BPI-EAI80 AIoT board , EAISeries SDK UserGride

BPI-EAI80 board , EAISeries SDK UserGride:

please install KeliSDK:


Linux SDK Compile and burn


windows version:

  1. Install EAI80 SDK (windows )
  2. PLease install ※Keil.EAISeries_DFP.1.4.1.pack§first;
  3. Demo board should connect with PC through J-Link and SWD interface. All the operations refer to “EAISeries_SDK_UserGuide” in detail.

EAI80 Demo:

Demo path: EAI80_SDK_v1.0\ugelis\kelis_example\ai_example\ai Demo functionsㄩ

  • 1st.Voice - Key words recognition;
  • 2rd.Computer Vision - Hand gesture detection and recognition;
  • 3nd.Computer Vision - Human dody detection.

EAI80 chip referenced document

BPI-EAI80 ESP8266 module default FW, if you want use this file ,you can burn it to ESP8266 by youself

more about this board .please see wiki page:


Where can I see a diagram of the board?

  • BPI-EAI80 schematic diagram :
  • BPI-EAI80 DXF file: