BPI-CM4 eMMC wipe

Hi all,

Started copying debian to eMMC onboard, but the copy failed partway and the OS segfaulted.

I’m now unable to boot from the SD card/eMMC/USB-mode. Any tips on how to reset/flash the eMMC.

Attempting to pull the USB at 7% formatting in the USB Burning Tool didn’t work.

unplug the usb at 7% formatting is indeed a method to erase emmc, but it’s not easy to seize the opportunity, you can flash the android image to emmc completely and then try other ways to erase emmc according to the wiki.

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Flashing emmc using android image worked. Was able to copy from SD card to emmc after that to get Debian installed.

Thanks for the guidance.

I think you used Windows for that. correct? I’m using Linux…