BPI:bit for webduino teaching case sharing

BPI:bit for webduino teaching case sharing

1.Two Webduino Bit series + accelerometer made by the random number ratio game:


code link : https://bit.webduino.io/blockly/?demo=demo-area-01&lang=en#82plnKKbK2

2.Through the photosensitive resistors built into Webduino Bit on the left and right sides, it is easy to determine which side the gesture comes from


code link:http://bit.webduino.io/blockly/?lang=en&demo=demo-area-01#m7Y3AkNjr3

3.Using Webduino Bit nine shaft sensor “attitude Angle” + full color dot matrix, simple implementation ~ :slight_smile: interesting effects


code link: http://bit.webduino.io/blockly/?lang=en&demo=demo-area-01#mzWB5Ra6bl

LED light effect, only the string + ring back, wait for, the other is one division division draw, is very simple


code link: http://bit.webduino.io/blockly/?lang=en#8J0GErNk66