BPI:bit arduino basic development tutorials(chinese version)

BPI:bit arduino basic development tutorials(chinese version), thank Mr. Guo quan for spending a lot of time organizing the conference materials and writing the class outline.And recorded more than a dozen lectures on teaching video


Tutorial download address:

all tooling and sample code download :


Lesson 1: Banana PI BPI:bit review

Lesson 2: How to use BPI:bit with Arduino IDE

Lesson 3 : How to control LED lights

Lesson 4:How to control 5x5 25 full-color LED lights

Lesson 5: How to control A&B key

Lesson 6: How to use onboard buzzer

Lesson 7:How to use onboard temperature sensor

Lesson 8: How use onboard photosensitive sensor

Lesson 9:how to use onboard nine shaft sensor (triaxial acceleration Three-axis gyroscope and three-axis magnetic compass)

Lesson 10: how to connect wifi online

Lesson 11:digital analog GPIO edge Read

Lesson 12:digital analog GPIO edge write