[BPI Accessories]Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure

BPI Accessories : Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure

now Banana pi BPI-M2 Berry ,BPI-M2 Ultra,BPI-M2,BPI-M64,BPI-M2+,BPI-M2+ EDU new case ,any one like this design .:slight_smile:

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Berry case ,also can use on Raspberry pi 3:

Banana PI BPI-M64, BPI-M3, BPI-M2 Ultra case :

Banana PI BPI-M2+, BPI-M2+ EDU case :


Banana PI BPI-R2 case

Package for case:

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BPI-R2 case 5

BPI-M3 BPI-M64 BPI-Ultra Premium Aluminum Enclosure

BPI-M64 case

Banana Pi M2 berry with metal case

Banana Pi M64 metal case

BPI-M64 case

KKSB Banana Pi Case M3

Banana Pi M2+ in a metal case demo WIFI test

Banana pi Premium Aluminum Enclosure public sale

Nice case for the Berry, but where’s the ability to use the internal SATA port?? It’s one of the Berry’s best features

it have sata port , you can send mail to [email protected] for more

I know it does, but is there a cutout in the case for the cable to come out?

yes, must use SATA line to connect .

such as this :


You do not seem to understand what I’m asking…

The pictures you just sent are NOT of a Banana BERRY. The Berry has a SATA connector INSIDE the case. My question is therefore does your BERRY case have a HOLE in it for the cable to come out?


yes, it have . such as this :


Thanks. I was aking about your Berry case though, not the one in your picture. 663x500

sorry , Berry support SATA,but Berry premium Aluminum Enclosure not support, but Ultra support