BPI 4.0 OEM&ODM : Allwinner A40i for Industrial control gateway design

BPI 4.0 OEM&ODM : Allwinner A40i for Industrial control gateway design

Main function:

  1. Built-in 200+ communication protocol library (see protocol list for details), including: MQTT and other Internet of Things protocols, OPC UA, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, CDT, SPABUS, standard Modbus and dozens of variants, plug and connect instantly;Special protocols can be customized quickly according to requirements, and secondary development environment can be provided
  2. Support the whole series of Siemens PLC through industrial Ethernet communication;Support other types of PLC internal protocol communication
  3. Support IEC61850 Server/Client function, realize the two-way conversion between the traditional protocol and 61850
  4. Video stream acquisition, transmission, distribution, pan-head control, local streaming media server functions
  5. Encryption transmission and breakpoint transmission
  6. Built-in RTC to provide high precision time reference
  7. Modular design, basic unit +3 extension units, support on demand configuration.The extended IO unit module includes: 8XRS485 module, with isolation; 8XDI module (switch input module), passive input (support up to 3 modules mixed);8XDO module (switch output module), 8 relay output (support up to 3 modules mixed);8XAI module (analog input module), support 0-5V, 0-20mA input (support mixing of 3 modules at most);Rola, 433M wireless transmission module and power line carrier module can be customized according to requirements
  8. HDMI/USB interface, with embedded SCADA system UI operation
  9. Local device configuration management, cloud device configuration management
  10. Telnet and SNMP services
  11. Strong electromagnetic compatibility design, in line with relevant international standards, with good anti-interference ability
  12. Can carry out secondary development, provide a complete protocol development package, can customize various protocols
  13. Standard 19-inch 1U mounting type appearance, beautiful shape, convenient group screen
  14. Embedded SCADA functionality
  15. Docker functionality (coming soon)

Hardware interface:

more ,please see wiki page , will keep uptate: