Booting issues with BPI-M3


I have a M3 and I cannot make it boot. I followed the tutorial from and everything went fine. I used various ubuntu images, all were acting same way. When I start up the system it displays the logo on the entire screen and it turns off itself after that. All 3 leds are turning on and after logo display they turn off. If I remove the SD card with OS only one led turns on and nothing happens. I wrote the image from Windows and I even bought an Micro SD card reader on USB so that no adapters are users. I also bought a 5V 2A power adapter in case the provided power was not enough (I was using some older phone chargers initially). It behaves same way regardless of power unit. Please help if you have any ideas…

Thank you, Csaba


How do you connect the PowerSupply to the board?

  1. Micro USB
  2. Power Jack (round one)


I connected through Micro USB ( #1 ) since the power supply had a USB style output.

Look in this posting for information about Power. USB powering causes exact your problem, if you can solder, solder the cable on it.