Booting from sdcard

Just a quick question, if ‘emmc pconf 48’ allows for booting via EMMC, how to reverse the process so that I can boot from SD?

Sd-card is booted if a bootable sdcard is inserted. If it is removed, board is booted from emmc

Thanks, I wasn’t expecting you to answer so quickly!

In that case then the minimum Debian image that you provided me with a couple of weeks ago is not booting.

Could you please provide me with an actual bootable version of Debian (Jessie or Stretch, preferably kernel v4.14) for the R2.

I took the image from a booting system. You have to take the right image…there is 1 for sdcard and one for emmc. You have to burn it it to /dev/sdx not /dev/sdx1. Maybe you have to remove mountpoints for emmc in BPI-ROOT/etc/fstab

Ok, I might have booted from the emmc version. I have noticed that the filename of the images are deb_stretch_4.14.13.img.gz and bpi-r2_debian_stretch_4.14.13.img.gz, plus another image called deb_stretch_emmc.img.gz.

As you can see, the naming conventions are a bit confusing, could you please rename these files to represent their correct usage / version.

Also could you provide information about mtk-bpi-r2-*.img please.

I am going to the centos-7-lite-v1.0-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img as a bootable method (for the sd card) and then dump the deb_stretch_emmc.img to the EMMC.

Just wondering if it is possible for you to create a single minimum Debian (Stretch) that variant that could be used for both SD and EMMC?

I also noticed that the centos-7-lite-v1.0-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img is actually not included within your Google Drive repository

This is great! Even though SinoVoIP uploaded the CentOS image approxmently 19 days ago, the image seem to have been sinced removed from both of their GDrive and Baidu accounts, whilst there is still a page on this forum that is stating that this image is still available.

I am afraid to say that the avaiblity of some images and the naming conventions of others are starting to become very messy!

you can use the images for both, but you have to change uboot-root-param and fstab :slight_smile: that is basicly the difference between the images. But i have created them both from scratch (peloader,uboot,parttable,rootfs from debootstrap,kernel) so they may differ in more points

Thanks but I have started to use the 2017-03-10-debian-8-jessie-lite-preview-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img image instead and may do a dist-upgrade after installation.

My goal was to have a clean and minimal install…had upgraded official jessie image too but there are much waste in filesystem (logs unused kernels/modules and many more).

@frank-w, Thank but considering that I am always cleaning old kernels, log files etc. from my own servers and VPS, I am more then happy to go that extra step!

Seeing that I am going to use the Jessie-lite version, do you foresee any problems such as not being able to use the WiFi interface as an access point?

With my upgraded jessie i had to make “echo 0” before “echo A”…

btw. i don’t know which other useless or “wrong” files are existing

Thanks for the advice, I will probably start on the installation tomorrow.

I may call upon your advice if I run into any further problems or other issues.