Bootable SD? Is it possible?


Is it possible to have a BPI W2 booting from SD Card? I’ve seen bootloader on SPI flash is looking for specially crafted SD if it is inserted at boot time. Is there a documentation for it?

There is a posibility to make a bootable SD Card for Banana Pi W2, it’s even showed in documentation. You need to make two partitions, one with FAT32 file system greater than 100MB, second with ext4. I also marked first partition as bootable. It has to be in that order, otherwise it won’t work.

Oh, thanks. There was a wrong DTB with newer u-boot, that disables EMMC and root partition wasn’t found.

And I’ve meant fully bootable SD card, with bootloader on SD itself. Or have bootloader on SPI to load Linux from SD, and other on EMMC loading Android from EMMC, for easy switching.

I try to follow the banana pi w2 ubuntu guide to make a bootable sd card. It always stuck at the message which I paste in the following pastebin.

Is there anything missing step on the guide? There is a topic about bootable question says “SW4”. May anyone tell me what is this meaning?

Try switching SW4 in other position IMG_20180520_172537

Thanks. I try to switch this SW4. When it sets 1 and insert sd card, it stuck which I posted in pastebin. When it sets 0, it go throught openWrt which installed in eMMC. I try to use esc and type “gosd” but not working.

If I follow the ubuntu sd guilde, is there any different that flash dvrboot.exe.bin in SW4(0) or SW4(1)? I flash it in SW4(1). I didn’t notice this switch when I receive this board.

Please refer to

Thanks! This is what I asked for.