Boot from USB and dedbootstrap to eMMC or CompactFlash


I’m preparing everything to get my BPI-R2 up and running in the next few days. I would like to know the BPI-R2 can boot from USB. I don’t have any hardware to prepare the CompactFlash in order to dedbootstrap directly on a CompactFlash. So i was thinking of booting the BPI-R2 from USB and then install the system on the CompactFlash directly for it or evven directly into the eMMC. Is that doable ?

Also where can i download a debian stech/Jessie lite image. I saw a Ubuntu desktop, but really don’t need it. My current system run on soekris with 2Gb CF.


first you must load preloader/u-boot (sd/emmc only), then kernel must be loaded (sd/mmc/maybe usb…not tested). if kernel is loaded and you have support for your device compiled-in (not as module) you can place your rootfs on every storage-medium, you must only change rootfs-param in kernel-cmdline or uenv.txt (where uImage lies)

Haha, I am thinking debootstrap too.

For now, I only know a way to do that is using a sd card.

here i have some infos, how to get working debian with debootstrap:

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