Bluetooth Micropython bit:bip


Can you give me the documentation to send and receive one byte in Micropython for Bit:bip card under Bluetooth BLE connection. Thanks. Julien

Bluetooth BLE connection is not ported to micropython yet, but you can use arduino first.

I personally have plans to do micropython, there is currently support for lobo firmware on micropython, but I have never tried.

Hello, Could you tell me when will the micropython BLE be available? It seems to me fondammental. Indeed, the big advantage of your card is that allows connections in bluetooth impossible to do in micropython with the Microbit card. Can the socket and sys modules in micropython be used with the bit / beep card? It will then be possible to implement bluetooth connections. Is there a BLE stack for your system? Could you ask your engineers for an example to send and receive a BLE byte. If you do not offer anything in micropython with your bit / bip in BLE, then it will not be of interest compared to microbit. very thanks to help. Julien