Blue LED not lit from bpi-copy

I have to program quite a few of the R2 boards and I don’t want to connect a uart to them while programming. Can someone tell me why the blue LED is not lit as it’s supposed to while programming?


debug-UART is imho the only way to see whats happening, why do you want to use it? how do you program it, where do you read about the blue led?

The bpi-copy script should light up the blue led when starting the copy process and turn it off again when done. I have made a script on my SD card that automatically starts “burning” to flash when the SD boots and finally shutdowns the board - and woohoo the board is ready for use.

(look at blue_led_on() and blue_led_off() in the script )

The blue led doesn’t work for me too but I don’t consider it a problem: the bpi-update script is used on all BPI boards so I think printed messages and led functions are not updated for R2.

Have someone tried to switch the LED’s on and off and will share the commands? Then I can update the script.

in Schematics the leds are GPIO239 (LED0/A),240 (LED2/C) and 241(LED1/B) (found nowhere which led is red,green or blue)

maybe you can set this with the GPIO-Commands

My schematics says 239, 240, 241. However neither 139-141 or 239-241 responds when trying to set their state. I’m following this documentation: /Jan

your right, 239-241…maybe there must be something reconfigured like for 22-25