Blinking screen with HDMI connection

Hi, Just received BPI-M2U today, flashed latest Ubuntu preview. Almost immediately after power on, my monitor starts blinking every 2 seconds on and off. It does not stop blinking even after complete system boot. My HDMI cable is ok, since other devices I have, working normally with it. I tried to change resolution via bpi-bootsel, but it does not help. Any advice?

i have the same problem. During booting screen blinking all the time. After booting the same. It attached every iso which i can download. I have tried power DC and microsub- problem still exist. even i tried change micro sd card - still sceen is blinking.

I tried different monitors and noticed, that blinking occurs only on my Samsung monitor. LG monitors were fine. I thought the problem was in my HDMI cable quality, but I used same cabel to connect different monitors.

My board also has problems with the HDMI. In some cases I do get a view, mostly not. I think its a timing syncing issue. My lg monitor seems to work sometimes but my philips monitor does never works. Just tried my Samsung television and that seems to works for me. Sony tv also works. My sony tv pops 720p so probably my monitors do not support this. Have you tried a television already?

I am using the old debia lite image.

I also have the problem with the connection

if any of SINOVOIP answer to the problem of flickering screens. Sellers do not want to accept complaints on faulty equipment. Especially if their monitor Ultra 2 is not blinking. They say you have a bad monitor. This is your problem, not a problem Ultra2… Any answer from bananapi stuff???

Just got my M2U and I’ve the same blinking problem with the Ubuntu Mate desktop preview (I’ve got an HP 24o monitor). So annoying! You guys have fixed this? It’s an unusable board so far…I’m completely disappointed.

So, nothing??? Somebody at BananaPi can please help us with this problem???

You believe in miracles?

No I don’t…but maybe if I pray the machine spirit… So there’s no chance to get support from the staff? C’mon!

Don’t really know why this worked, but runnign this on the banana pi m2ultra this did it for me:

sudo bpi-bootsel BPI_M2U_1080P.img.gz

(Samsung SyncMaster S24B350TL monitor, ubuntu mate, kernel 3.10.108, version 2017-11-13)