Bit:bip python IDE upload


Do you have an accurate and complete documentation in step by step to show how to upload the program python in the map. With Mu and the Microbit card, it’s super simple, we click on upload and the python program is uploaded to the card. How to do with your card, because your card does not integrate into Mu. Do you think of integrating it into Mu? If yes when? Do you have a very simple example to send and receive a byte in wifi and ble, as proposed by the Halocode map of makeblock. The programming is super simple wifi. Thank you for your very precise help. Regards


More answer from you? Is there a problem? You do not answer my questions. Still impossible to program very simply your card Bit: bip in blockly and python. Can not flash the program in the map. No doc on your side. Where is the concern? You gave up? But why sell your product if you do not provide any functional IDE ?? Thanks to reply. JJ

Python Blockly such as scratch? Currently under development, we will confirm that the function is released after the release, BLE related to more complex migration, so the development time will be a little longer. Hulk


Incredibly, you sell a product even before you have developed the IDE to be able to program your card in python. Never seen! Where is your IDE to program your card in python?