Bianbu Desktop to EMMC - Not booting

Hello all,

I have the BPI-F3. I followed the official setup docs and I can boot from SD card without any issues.

I have tried to install the OS on EMMC using the dd command, but cannot boot past a message that says ‘random: crng init done’

I noticed in the setup guide for EMMC the NAS version of Bianbu is specified. Are the other versions compatible?

Also my /boot/env_k1-x.txt file doesn’t have a “commonargs” variable already set. I created one and set it to the values outlined in the guide, but it doesn’t seem right.

I’ve found elsewhere online that people have had other distros hang around the same time in similar situations. Not sure exactly how to remedy this. Any help is appreciated.

Do you mean step 6?

Because some image boot partitions are hidden by default, you need to perform operations to make them visible.

If you can see the boot partition in lsblk after burning the img with dd, you can ignore this step.

Yeah that step was confusing, but the first time I tried flashing it the boot partition was already mounted.

In the step that says to edit the env_k1-x.txt it says, “Find commonargs and add recovery=1” and it shows a “commonargs” variable. My env_k1-x.txt file doesn’t have a commonargs variable already defined, so there’s no way to add anything to a variable that doesn’t exist.

To further add to the confusion the caption says “Edit the boot partition of the EMMC” but the command it provides uses mmcblk0p5 which was previously identified as being the boot partition of the SD Card. Am I supposed to be editing mmcblk2p5 instead?

It seems that a lot of RaspberryPis had a similar issue and it has something to do with the bootloader not being able to identify the filesystem root partition I think.

I’m going to wipe the emmc partitions and try again until I get it to work. I’ll post an update here when I figure out what is going wrong

I’ll also post screenshots here if I can SSH into desktop in order to more clearly explain the issues I’m having.

Sorry, the document may not be written rigorously, it has been corrected now.