Best BananaPi router for WiFi AP & STA & Bluetooth

Hi BananaPi community,

the title says it all already. I’m searching for the right BananaPi router that allows me to run OpenWRT with a custom script. I have the following possible scenarios:

  • WiFi AP (2.4Ghz) + WiFi STA (2.4 or 5Ghz)
  • WiFi AP (2.4Ghz) + Ethernet
  • Bluetooth + WiFi STA (2.4 or 5Ghz)
  • Bluetooth + Ethernet

Where the BananaPi does small amount of compute to send received data from the AP / BLE side to the STA / Ethernet side (which is connected to my HTTP cloud backend).

I’m struggling with the different options. On the surface it seems that all would be able to do that, but I fear I’m missing something. Can someone help me find the right base BananaPi as well as the necessary extension cards? Thank you.

I’d use BPi-R64 (because it comes with built-in 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and bluetooth) and put an MT7915+MT7976 mPCIe card for 5 GHz wifi from AsiaRF.

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