Bananian Linux 15.08 released - 2015-08-22

Bananian Linux 15.08 released - 2015-08-22 The team of the Bananian Linux project is pleased to announce the release of Bananian Linux 15.08 for Banana Pi (and family). This update is a rebase on Debian 8/Jessie, along with a lot of bugfixes (some related to the rebase) and minor improvements. A Debian 7/Wheezy image (Bananian 15.04) will still be available and maintained.

We are supporting the Banana Pi, Banana Pi M1+, Banana Pro, BPI-R1 and some other A20 boards with just one single image. See for more information.

Existing Bananian installations can easily be upgraded without losing any data or settings.

Release notes:

  • 0000151: [Hardware] LCD support is broken with mainline U-Boot 2015.07
  • 0000149: [Kernel] prepare for mainline Kernel 4.x
  • 0000135: [Userland] add 15.08 release to bananian-update
  • 0000146: [General] Keep SysVinit instead of systemd
  • 0000127: [General] RFE: rebase Bananian to Debian 8
  • 0000106: [Kernel] patch Realtek driver for 8192cu / 8188cu devices
  • 0000118: [Userland] package swconfig as a .deb file
  • 0000145: [Network] Improve SSH host key generation
  • 0000138: [General] create repository for jessie
  • 0000144: [Security] Adjust the SSH configuration for Debian Jessie
  • 0000143: [General] expanding the filesystem does not work on Debian 8
  • 0000133: [Kernel] enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_THROTTLING in the kernel
  • 0000141: [Userland] Lost colors and command prompt in zsh shell
  • 0000142: [Kernel] Update Linux Kernel to 3.4.108
  • 0000136: [Userland] error handling in “soctemp” For a list of all changes see the Bananian 15.08 changelog:

To get Bananian 15.08: In order to download Bananian 15.08, visit:

Users of Bananian 14.09 or later can upgrade their existing installation using ‘bananian-update’. Users of Bananian 14.08, see: