Bananian 15.08 release at FrOSCon 10

Bananian 15.08 release at FrOSCon 10 Come to the FrOSCon 10 (22nd and 23rd August 2015, St. Augustin, Germany) and get in touch with the Bananian team! We will release our long-awaited Debian Jessie release (Bananian 15.08) on the first conference day. Meet us at our Bananian booth (in the “Mensa”) and test our new release, talk to us or just grab some sweets (Yes, we have sweets for you!). You are welcome to bring your own SD or microSD card and we will flash Bananian 15.08 for you. Please note that we cannot sell you Banana Pi/Pro devices, SD cards or power adapters. Some technical details on the new release:

  • Bananian 15.04 was the last wheezy based release
  • If you do not want to upgrade to Jessie simply keep the 15.04 release. It will still be supported by us. No need to upgrade your system if you want to stay at Debian wheezy.
  • Bananian 15.08 will be based on Debian Jessie (8.1)
  • The Linux kernel version will (probably) be 3.4.108
  • Updated SSH config supporting Curve25519 (and RSA)
  • We decided not to use systemd and keep SysVinit instead
  • Bananian 15.08 is not just an upgraded version of 15.04. We started building the release from scratch. This allows us to set up a git repository showing all changes made in /etc. Of course this will also be published.

so cool work for bananian team.


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