Bananapi m3: USB and ethernet not working - no power?

Hello, I have got a Banana PI M3 here, the one which has power over Micro-USB only. First, it would not show anything on the screen, but I managed to fix script.bin and set hdmi_cts_compatibility=1 ; I converted it back with fex2bin, copied the script.bin to bananapi\bpi-m3\linux\script.bin and the screen display now worked at last. However, I am running into the next 2 hardware related problems: No matter which device I connect to the USB-port, it does not work. For example, a mouse does not seem to get any power. A Keyboard does not seem to get any power. A normal USB-stick with a LED does not seem to get any power and the LED does not light up. So basically whatever USB device I connect, they do not come up, even the simplest of all devices, hubs, keyboards, mice etc. I was also trying to connect an ethernet cable but so far the yellow cable LED blinks but no DHCP request seems to get through. Also the green led sometimes blinks on the ethernet cable adapter, but in any case, no IP address is obtained. I guess I must edit this darned script.bin -> script.fex more. Can you give me any details ?

yes. if use micro USB power ,USB port not work. other is working fine ,

please use DC adapter power .

No, you must replace the DC-IN Micro USB connector with something else to power the board reliably. See for details.

If you know how to solder or you have friend who knows how, than

You can try this - voltage-drops-on-DC-in:

And here you find pictures and a drawing about the Jack:

Hope this helps on your journey. Beside you can save a hell of a lot of time if you read this page first - is it not so much:

Cheers Tido