BananaPi BPI-W2 end of development, BPI-W2 is dead?

Development on BPI-W2 motherboard finished?

Nothing new has been released for several months, no new payments, it is still in a semi-functional state as it was introduced.

As a ZIDOO user and developer, I noticed that Banan is using SW from Zidoo (code source has libraries from ZIDOO products with RTD1296DD), so I just copy what Zidoo publish or is there anyone who develops for BPI-W2? Thank you.

we still work on it .

this also base on BPI-W2,_video_processing_platform#Custom_application

I was looking for more suport for this board , the kernel not support ppp filtering also i cannot using wvdial on it , any one can help me to using this board as 4G VPN Router ?