Banana Pi W2 NAS Server

I wanted to make a NAS Server and I came across the banana pi w2. I saw all the storage compatability that it had. But i dont know how to make oone. Can someone help me.

have you make the nas server? i want to make one too。。。

Simple storage - any system would work (i got Ubuntu image running on my w2).

Rsync to push files from phones, SFTP share as network drive configured in Kodi box - display movies / photos on TV in living room. Openvpn server to access that box outside of home network. Yatse kodi remote on my phone to stream from Kodi directly to my phone (even over VPN) …

Got all features I need, without public cloud sync that may or may not be secured enough for someone to break in (see apple cloud fiasco from some time ago)