Banana Pi team new members:Shenzhen Yidiantong New Technology Co., Ltd

Banana Pi team new members:Shenzhen Yidiantong New Technology Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Yidiantong New Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise focusing on embedded hardware development and underlying driver R&D, design, production and sales. The hardware platform is based on ARM processors, including Rockchip (RK), Samsung, MTK platform development; mainly based on core board + base board development board, software driver facing Android/Linux/Debain/ubuntu, providing partners with cost-optimized, high-stability embedded solutions, and helping partners to shorten Time to market, reduce enterprise development costs and R&D and design risks.Shenzhen Yidiantong New Technology Co., Ltd. is a solution company dedicated to the development of the ARM platform. As a technical solution provider, since its establishment, it has been focusing on the software and hardware development, production and corresponding value-added services of related products in the embedded field. Based on the ARM processor widely used in the embedded industry, the circuit design is greatly simplified, the hardware cost is strictly controlled, and the industry’s popular Linux, ubuntu, Andriod, Hongmeng and other operating systems are combined to introduce a series of solutions for manufacturers, R&D institutions provide high-quality supporting services.

The company is currently carrying out the development of Rockchips (RK) embedded ARM platform. The processors include RK3128, RK3288, PX30, RK3399, RK3399PRO, RK1808, etc., and tailor professional solutions according to customer needs, including hardware platform design (principle Figure and PCB design), operating system customization, driver development and application software development, etc. The companys business form is mainly project development, and the program terminals are widely used in industrial control, finance, airports, customs, public security, hospitals, smart homes, educational institutions, consumer electronics and other fields.


The company has rich industry experience, strong technical strength, and internal management standards. It has a group of outstanding professional engineers and simple and efficient management processes in the industry. With global supply channels, procurement network and professional technology, it provides customers with professional, high-quality and fast Pre-sales, after-sales service and technical support. The company has established a good partnership with many important customers in the mainland, providing customers with timely and thoughtful technical support and providing complete application solutions, saving a lot of time and cost for customers products to enter the market and seize business opportunities.

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