Banana Pi RJ45 Jacks

I was always wondering:

Do the Banana Pi Router boards use RJ45 Jacks with Integrated Magnetics? If not, shouldn’t they?

I guess you mean the signal transformers (coils) like stated here?

afaik none of the bpi router boards have them integrated into rj45 jacks

I am asking because my connection to my tv has always been pretty bad.

The cable runs for 20-25 meters from R64 to a Sony TV with a 100Mbps connection, via a wvall socket. The wall socket I fear is CAT5 only and I still need to replace it with a CAT6 Keystone one of these days. The rest is all CAT6 already. I figure, Sony has opted on this tv model for cheap ethernet and also has no magnetic isolation. The connection is so bad that i cannot stream a .ts with tvheadend.

Before the R64, I used a Linksys wrt3200 and had no such problems.

With R64 on one side, I disconnect the RJ45 on the TV and insert it into a Netgear gigabit switch then i run a cheap short cable from switch to TV. So the 20-25 meters now is at 1000Mbps speed, and 1 meter at 100Mbps.

One would think this would be even worse, but instead I hardly see any errors. I figure replacing the wall socket would take care of these last few errors.

So why does quality improve?

I think that neither the R64 nor the TV has any isolation. When the Netgear switch is in the connection, then it introduces isolation and quality improves greatly.

I was thinking of finding a cheap poe splitter (which should also have isolation) and not using the power part. But reading on teardown posts of these cheap splitters, one cannot even be sure that isolation is inside…

So anyway, it would be nice to hear from @sinovoip if they use RJ45 jacks with or without magnetic isolation.

Are you sure they don’t use magnetics? From the size of the RJ45 module, it does look like it is integrated. A RJ45 module without the magnetics integrated should be 30% shorter in length.

I do not know it…only bpi-team can answer this.