Banana PI + Raspbian + RFSniffer


I have a problem with connecting the receiver rf 433 and read codes from the remote control to electrical outlets.

I do according to the tutorial:

I still have a message: pi@banan:/var/www/rfoutlet $ sudo ./RFSniffer gpio: Unable to open GPIO direction interface for pin 274: No such file or directory

where could be the problem?

The topic is old but I also had similar issue in my project. So I am replying to this thread for somebody else who also hits the same problem. I believe that the root cause of the problem is the different gpio numbering scheme used in Banana Pi M3. Look at this message: As you can see physical gpio numbers in BPiM3 are very different from what we had in RPi. The max number is 362. Many RPi libraries do not expect such big numbers.

Back to the topic. As I remember RFSniffer uses wiringPi library. The library in raspbian CD image is not aware about BPiM3 GPIO numbers. So, you must replace it with BPI-WiringPi as described in the instruction then probably recompile your project.

I found out that pigpio library has the same problem. So it has to be patched. I wrote a message to joan2937 about it today.