Banana pi R3 use vpn funtion need install openvpn

Hello! Everyone I want to use vpn funtion, and i search from internet it must install openvpn from software like pic1. But when i want to install, it shows not include kmod-tun package, i try to download from forum, but looks like can’t download file, so what i need to do. thanks

I can’t confirm this behavior. From where you got your image of openwrt? Did you run “update lists” before selecting the openvpn package? In my private build I get version number 2.6.6-1 at openvpn package.

With regards Go

Do you use official openwrt, a snapshot or bpi version?

sorry, i cann’t understand your means (I want to learning this just a few minutes), all image is catch from banana pi system. where can i upgrade open wrt ?? (i only use gui system)

when i buy banana, it already install this system. if can update system, please teaching me how to update, thanks .

Just install the official openwrt as decribed in many threads here

sorry, i search forums, only find this link offical original soft for Banana Pi R3, and it support install & upgrade mode. it look link if i want to install new, i need boot from spi-nand than install to emmc? it is mean i can’t install from gui direct?? Or i can select upgrade from gui more easy ?? thanks

Please do the regular way, upgrade from bpi openwrt may fail

Instructions are from snapshot,vut install should not be changed