Banana pi R3 use vpn funtion need install openvpn

Hello! Everyone I want to use vpn funtion, and i search from internet it must install openvpn from software like pic1. But when i want to install, it shows not include kmod-tun package, i try to download from forum, but looks like can’t download file, so what i need to do. thanks

I can’t confirm this behavior. From where you got your image of openwrt? Did you run “update lists” before selecting the openvpn package? In my private build I get version number 2.6.6-1 at openvpn package.

With regards Go

Do you use official openwrt, a snapshot or bpi version?

sorry, i cann’t understand your means (I want to learning this just a few minutes), all image is catch from banana pi system. where can i upgrade open wrt ?? (i only use gui system)

when i buy banana, it already install this system. if can update system, please teaching me how to update, thanks .

Just install the official openwrt as decribed in many threads here

sorry, i search forums, only find this link offical original soft for Banana Pi R3, and it support install & upgrade mode. it look link if i want to install new, i need boot from spi-nand than install to emmc? it is mean i can’t install from gui direct?? Or i can select upgrade from gui more easy ?? thanks

Please do the regular way, upgrade from bpi openwrt may fail

Instructions are from snapshot,vut install should not be changed

Hi, sir. I use SPIM-NoR mode & flash kernel file than it always show recovery mode and all application need reinstall, but when i off power, all application need reinstall. what step i loss??

Not sure what you exactly did as you should install openwrt from official openwrt site…then you cannot flash a standalone kernel (like mine) over it. If you still use bpi openwrt then changes are not saved…this is a known issue and you have to install official openwrt sd->nand/nor->emmc

sir, your mean is if i want to flash system. i must start from SD than flash into nand or emmc ?? i download from office web OpenWrt Firmware Selector

If you have already mainline openwrt on your emmc/nand it should be possible to flash same on the other. But install/upgrade from bpi version does not work.

Hi sir, now i install at sd card & opkg install luci, than i can connect from com or ssh, but when i use com port to connect , i can’t choice operation item, or if i use ssh to connect or html, there was no wifi funtion, some application should i install ??

imho wifi needs to be enabled in some config (/etc/config/wireless)

maybe you need to install firmware or driver package (mt7915e) or simply load the module. do not know openwrt/luci enough to give details

Hi frank i try to find firmware or driver in luci and sure mt7915 already install, but it still can’t find wifi can i find other driver in official address??

luci install

lot like attach

[   30.556911] mt798x-wmac 18000000.wifi: Failed to start WA firmware
[   30.563158] mt798x-wmac: probe of 18000000.wifi failed with error -110

which uart adapter do you use? please use ftdi

i use 2a/12v adapter

ftdi?? you mean is this

sorry, i want to ask, i see many video, they can direct command in serial window, but i only can command in ssh window, which should i need setup in moba??

thank you

sorry, i make mistake. i use usb extension cord maybe cause sign lose, so i can’t use keyboard key in any data in serial window, when i remove extension cord, i can key in on serial mode, but i still can’t find wifi …

Ftdi as usb2serial cable on debug uart as others like cp2102 or profilic chipsets cause similar wifi issue on r3

hi frank, thanks. i think maybe i find key point for my case.

  1. I change usb to ttl cable type like this, than i can use keyboard command in serial window to control 01 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
  2. may be the new firmware the wireless not show ra0 & rax0 02 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB and it show like this in ifconfig command banana bpi-r3.txt - Google Drive my phone search wifi and connect it 03 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

final if i want to flash nand version like SD, should i flash sd to emmc first?? 04 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB 05 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB