Banana Pi-R2. Install debian on mmc without UART-USB cabble?

Sorry for my english at first, i know it’s so badly.

I try to install debian on Banana pi R2 with this ( images. I write system on sd card, booting, copy emmc image to internal storage, unlock write to boot, copy image to boot partititon, try to rebooting, and it’s booting from sd card. If remove sd, banana no booting. Switch mmc-sd is doing nothing. I read in LEDE article about need to make settings in u-boot menu, but i do not have the uart-usb cable. Do can install and boot system without this cable?

It is hard to find problem if you cannot see where it is…you have unpacked emmc-image and wrote it via dd to mmcblk1? And preloader to boot0? Have you changed partition-config before? You can do it with mmc-tools from linux userspace…see my wiki (uboot/storage)

you have unpacked emmc-image and wrote it via dd to mmcblk1


And preloader to boot0


Have you changed partition-config before?



How i can enter to u-boot console without usb-uart cable?

See first link i’ve posted…with mmc-utils you can change it from linux (boot via sdcard)… you can download binary here and copy to your sdcard

Basicly you can also use the sd-image but need to change uenv.txt (root,partition) and /etc/fstab in root-partition…emmc-image using very old kernel

Thank you! I set mmc boot with mmc-tool, and copy sd image to mmc (change patrition configuration in uboot and fstab) it works now.

First, I apologize for bumping a thread that hasn’t been responded to in almost 2 1/2 years, however I have a question that is revalent to this thread.

Second, I was looking at and saw that there is a BPI-R2-EMMC-boot0-DDR1600-20191024-0k.img.gz file available. Your guide that you link to states to get BPI-R2-EMMC-boot0-DDR1600-0k-0905.img.gz. Should I use the newer one instead, or just ignore it?

Yes use the newer file…it alows larger uboot binary

Thank you, Frank! Appreciate the info!