Banana Pi R2 do not boot

Hello everybody,

At the risk that I’m in the wrong area here, a small concern to you:

Currently I am making my first experiences with the Pi’s. Even if they are going very slowly … I bought a Banana Pi R2 with a power adapter and a 4 GB SD card.

Board I have supplied with voltage - no change. Not even an LED, which shows me that voltage is applied.

To test the whole thing first, and based on the inexperience in the area, I wanted to turn on the device first. After seeing that it is necessary to press a button (PWR, next to the RST), I did that. There are 3 LEDs lit up. Blue, green and red. However, only until I let go of the PWR button.

On the SD card is a described image from here:

Someone an idea?

Many Thanks! Best regards

you have pressed power-button at least 10 seconds?

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Yes. Right now I have a USB cable from my notebook plugged into the board and the power supply is still connected. Now the 3 LEDs are lit at the same time. I pressed the power button again for at least 10 seconds, but nothing happened. I have already re-connected the adapter and the USB cable.

Which image have you burned to sdcard? Have you unpacked it and written direct to card (not partition)? Have you are a usb2serial-cable for debug-uart?

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I have took this image: Debain 8

Yes i have unziped the image and write this to the 4 GB Stick successfully.

I have no serial cable.

Imho all images need 8gb sdcard to boot correctly…you can insert sdcard to a linux-pc to show its content and verify filesystem is complete

Oh i see…bananian…its only for r1,not for r2 is official page…i have also created a basic debian (9) image

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Understood. And that is the reason why i need an power adapter 12V and an USB cable? And why does it not boot with the message “no bootable device” or whatever? :slight_smile: There is just nothing :smiley:

So i need first of all a bigger card - okay!

You do not need usb-cable or do you mean my usb2serial?

Where do you see “no bootable device”?

You need r2 preloader and uboot to get board starting…r1 is not compatible

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When i only plug in the normal power adapter, the LEDs are only on when i press the power button.

When i additional plug in an USB cable from my notebook to the board (between the HDMI and Power entrance) the LEDs are on without pressing the power button.

I do not see this.

Seems it works like shortage of power-switch by power on otg-port…

But you need a image for r2 (not r1) to bootup.

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Bigger SD Cards works for me! Thank you!