Banana Pi PI-SWE1000 highly intelligent control board

BananaPi BPI-SWE1000 is a large to medium-sized highly intelligent control board.It has many input interfaces with multiple sensors.It can control equipment to perform various actions with networking capabilities.It is mainly used in control systems for intelligent devices such as intelligent recycling systems、intelligent sales system、intelligent toilets、etc.

Product Features:

2-way RS232 interface, capable of accessing 4G modules, WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules to the internet.

2-way RS232 interface, which can be connected to industrial mainboard and Android motherboard for interactive control.

2-way RS232 interface that can be connected to barcode scanners for detecting and recognizing various barcodes.

2-way RS232 interface that can be connected to a speech recognition module to recognize offline speech.

16-way signal input port, capable of accepting various sensor signals, such as metal sensing switch,smoke sensing switch, infrared sensing switch, infrared radiation, etc.

14-way switch output, capable of controlling DC machines, AC machines, electromagnetic locks, LED light strips, fans, etc.

2-way high-precision weighing system, which obtains weight in real-time and reports it to the backend through wireless network, and then presents it through the APP.

3-way ultrasonic ranging system, real-time monitoring of box space allowance, and reporting notifications.

Support for playing multi segment prompt voice.

It can achieve highly reliable anti pinch function.

Support remote software upgrade function.

Provide underlying firmware, human-computer interaction software, cloud software, and mobile apps . Customizing hardware control systems according to requirements.

Length * width * height=249mm132mm20mm


Hardware interface:

It can be use as a comprehensive solution provider for intelligent recycling systems, intelligent sales systems, intelligent toilets, etc. We provide hardware control systems, underlying firmware, human-machine interaction control software, mobile apps, and customize intelligent solutio

Banana Pi PI-SWE100 highly intelligent control board for IoT design

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