Website Update and Rework

Greetings all forum visitors,

We are happy to announce that our base English website for Banana Pi by BPI and Foxconn is getting its first major style and design update.

Let me first introduce the brief history of our website. Before, there were many Banana Pi websites such as and and and even The common things that I thought the websites can all improve on is the style, or how clean it looks.

I wanted to make a website from scratch that will basically be better looking. During the spring 2015, I, a full time student volunteer, worked on several early alpha versions of this website that I eventually published in the summer of 2015 under the domain

At that time the domain is new and did not have any rankings on Google, the contents were not good at all. There were a lot of false specs and such, oops. I apologize for that. But with this forum community, we slowly improved this site and update correct information.

Over the past 9 months or so, we experienced what we call a slow, but steady growth of our forum members. Most of the posts at the beginning were complains of how bad the support and images are for Banana Pi BPI, I do not disagree. In fact, I have personally experiences with some of the OS images and they do not work or work really poorly. That is something I believe BPI is trying to work on. And we hope progress towards the better will be made.

Anyways, BPI team recently hired a member who can work on websites so him and I worked on this new version of the website. We want to brag about several features on this new website.

-First is the looks, I think it falls on the top tier of website appearances in that it uses the awesome material design.

-Second is the page loading, we changed our website framework so the javascripts load better with the website and we got rid of the old problem where the top of the page will be cut off when we scroll down too fast.

-Lastly, we integrated gitbook into our website under the downloads section of our product pages to act as a user manual.

Anyways, this website is far from perfect indeed. There are cross browser compatibility problems with the gitbook integration. I did not solve all the small problem because I am busy and have to study and do personal projects.

Anyways, let me know if you like the new website. Feel free to point out mistakes and room for improvement. Thanks:p


is it possible to add a date stamp to posts?

it already has a date stamp. just hover your mousecursor over the round circle on the left.

it give time since posting, not date of post?

Hover over the time since posting to see the time posted.

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Ah thank you, but I would still prefer to see a date on a post without having to select and hover over it…

And I would like to be rich, totally healthy and just be a playboy :grin:

And that’s mostly due to WRONG information being spread. According to the website the new M2+ is 55x55mm in size (while it’s 65x65mm), has 2 leds (while it has just one), features “CAN bus” (which is not true) and so on…

You neither provide information nor documentation/specifications, that’s still just copy&paste from somewhere else without checking any of the ‘information’ being correct or not. And I doubt that anyone of you does even get the idea what’s wrong with this approach.

And this will never stop unless engineers start to produce documentation and not trainees doing copy&paste as it’s now.

ah yes me too, but that should not stop us trying to be helpful and make suggestions for improvement :smiley:

its rare that engineers actually do webdesign, so I am going to guess most of the information on the site is indeed pasted from supplied info. It would be rather unfair to blame the web designer for the lack of accuracy in the engineers copy

It would be nice to see it corrected as it is discovered. The site itself is quite neat, and I hope that it improves from constructive criticism

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Yea, I will check with BPI to update the correct specifications.