Banana PI Open source boards giveaway for developer

Banana PI boards giveaway for developer

In order to better promote the development of open source hardware and support the development activities of the open source community, Banana Pi has been carrying out board sending activities for developers for a long time.

Board delivery object:

  1. mainline Linux community developers, interested in banana PI row board to do mainline Linux kernel support.

  2. Developers of various open source communities.Can add banana pi-related product support in your own community.

  3. Senior developer.Can help banana Pi community development, and can share development experience and results in BBS.

  4. Open source project. you want to do related open source projects based on banana PI board.

Application process:

  1. Please explain the relevant work you want to do in the post, preferably your relevant experience and work results in the open source project.(links and video are welcome)

  2. State the type of Banana Pi boards you want to apply for and the work you want to do on it.In principle, a developer can only apply for one development board.

  3. If we think it is appropriate, we will PM you for relevant address information and send it to the development board in time.

  4. After receiving the board and carrying out the work, share your work experience and results in banana Pi BBS


  1. This activity is a long-term activity.Your application is welcome at any time.

  2. The banana Pi team shall decide the activity.Not all applicants have access to free samples.

  3. If your application is not replied, please PM BBS administrator instead of duplicate application.


Developers of various open source communities.Can add banana pi-related product support in your own community.

I have been working with Manjaro ARM Team closely to port Manjaro/Arch To various other ARM SBC’s. I was the first one to add Khadas Vim1 support to Manjaro Linux and then made it generic build for all Amlogic SOc’s My Builds can be used on Most of the Amlogic Soc’s with a working DTB in Mainline Linux. Kernel was developed by balbes who is the maintaining all the Amlogic SOC Kernel. Khadas VIM1 official Support in Manjaro was added this week to their official Repo. Manjaro Repo is Maintained by the Manjaro Arm Team.


My Relevant works.

I was able to add armv7h support on Manjaro arm, as they no longer support armv7. Link of Arch running on BPI-R2 with Frank’s Kernel > How to build an Ubuntu/Debian SD image from scratch I will be compiling Frank’s kernel with Lima support to add good GPU Support soon. Working ArchLinux for R2

State the type of Banana Pi boards 4 you want to apply for and the work you want to do on it.In principle, a developer can only apply for one development board.

I would like to apply for BPI M64 as it is 64bit with 2gb and good GPU which will get a working GPU/VPU drivers soon that will make it a perfect Desktop replacement device for Lightweight home and business use. I dont think anyone is working on M64 as there seem to be no updated Kernel for it, So my contribution will be very helpful. BPI R2 was mainly for FreeBSD work to make opnsense work on it. So that is a router and I am applying for M64.

Currently I have few SBC’s which I support.

  • Raspberry Pi 3b+ (2gb)
  • Khadas Vim1 (2gb, 8GB eMMC)
  • Khadas Vim3 (4gb , 32gb)
  • X96 Mini (2GB)
  • BPI-R2

Devices On the way

  • PineBook Pro
  • PinePhone (Developers Edition)

These are only for development Purpose and I don’t have any other use of these Boards other than development and giving support on the forum.

If you think my skill and time will be helpful for your devices and community then Please let me know.

Thank You.


This would be nice to get some of these units for use in the system for control the BMS and other things in the solar power Battery back system I build Is it possible to get some of those. Regard Magnus Eriksson CEO

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Hello. Thanks for the reply. I like to get one of these Banana Pi BPI-W2 And one of this Banana Pi BPI-R64 I like to test it out in my system Regard Magnus Eriksson CEO Magnus Eriksson Mariebergsvagen 9 61166 Nyköping Sweden +46705405955


I’m Thore. I have quit some knowledge with SBCs, currently I am highly interested in making proof of concept designs. My main focus is on community driven bike sharing and it would be nice to see a Open source BPI driven Product. All schematics and Software I create will be available free and open source on GitHub.

How about more documentation ?

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Developers of various open source communities.Can add banana pi-related product support in your own community.

I participate to Nextcloud community (one of many). I was mentoring on Google regarding Nextcloud Pi. Nextcloud Pi is a ready solution to setup easy Nextcloud. It started on Raspberry Pi but the community tries to include more ARM devices. Banana Pi would be one of them I guess.

My Relevant works.

My blog is I write a lot about Nextcloud (Greek and English). Here are some articles from my blog

I have some Banana Pi boards that I wrote couple of articles.

I have other projects running such as GNU Health, that I might give them a try when I can.

State the type of Banana Pi boards 4 you want to apply for and the work you want to do on it.In principle, a developer can only apply for one development board.

I would like to try BPI-W2. Not sure what else can I do with it, expanding Nextcloud, but it intrigues me that it has 2 SATA and 2 eth. First of all I intend to check the basics and then see some new features.

Currently I have Raspberry Pi 3, Banana Pi M1 and ODROID (don’t remember the model). Those 2 ARM boards are working fine with Nextcloud.

I mostly support Nextcloud and Nextcloud Pi Greek community but sometimes when I know the solution to the problem, I support global community.

If you think that I can support and help Banana Pi community, please let me know.

Thank you

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we will send free sample :

iosifidis:banana Pi BPI-M4 have send out

spikerguy: Banana Pi BPI-M64, also have send BPI-R2 have send out

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Hi , being Undergrad College student I have been working on RF Jammer for my college and This Jammer will block Specif mobile connection,. I this project we have challanges to Don’t block faculty’s phone signals in college permisses. That’s why our Project Team has been designing Codes for sensors which will detect specific Bar codes ( we will provide them in the form of stickers) from Back side of faculty’s phone and their signals would not be lost.On the other hand Student’s phone does not have that Bar code so their signals would be blocked easily by Jammer. If you provide us Banana Pi , then it will be our pleasures to work on it too, since our college days for betterment of our future.


I am a Network engineer working in the United Kingdom. I would like to apply for a 5G + 4G LTE+Wifi AC+Gigabit Multiplex aggregate router as I am working on a 4G-5G network project. I am developing a pfSense image and collaborating with Vodafone as SIM card and network provider.

This board will be used for testing/image building. 4x LTE PCIE modules will be implemented and the WAN interface will only be used as support.

5G + 4G LTE+Wifi AC+Gigabit Multiplex aggregate router is OEM&ODM project , not banana pi boards, so it can not to apply for

I would like to request a Bpi Nb-IoT for testing as I am doing a comparison between SIMCOM and QUECTEL. The board will be used on band 8 Nb-IoT network.



I’m Ycarus ( ) and I would like to apply for a BPI-R64.

I develop OpenMPTCProuter ( ), opensource project to aggregate multiple Internet connections, I already support BPI-R2 and I would like to add support and create images for BPI-R64. The board will be used for tests and full support.


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OK ,i wll send sample to you when we back office. and we also design OpenMPTCPRouter protocol with 4G base on BPI-R64

free sample have send out

Hii.I, am Shivam Yadav. I would like to use Banana pi for making a gaming device. I would probably need the Banana pi M64 which has 2 GB of RAM.Please update me if any board has 2 GB of RAM and Sim card slot.It will have as many features as a smartphone has. I will root an android version on it. I will upload a video and how I made it on Instructables. Please check out my account.

have send free sample to you , thank you for your support banana pi project

Hello @sinovoip ,

I would like to raise question about shipping costs to Russia from aliexpress. They are too high, e.g. the item (case for BPI-64) costs $8.00 and shipping costs to Moscow - $33.64 via EMS , same bad for BPI-64 itself. At the same time costs to Europe countries, Brazil, USA etc are only US $5.02 via Singapore Post …

Can you help?

I already talked with the manager Judy Huang from SinoVoip Co.,Limited Banana PI at Aliexpress and she promised that ePacket will be accessible for Russia, but there is no result.

I understand this topic is not a good place to ask, please bear with me.

P.S. I am developing something useful with BPI-R64 with hope that will be useful for russian users. For now, I almost ported Armbian to BPI-R64.

So, if you won’t help with shipping costs, I would like to get one more BPI-R64 to speed up my activities.

Ok ,i have talked with judy ,she will help you to check this cost .please discuss with judy.

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Hello @sinovoip ,

I’m interested in the Banana PI R64 , I’ve heard OpenWrt mainline support is not the best on latest kernels. I would like to try and port missing features from the old kernels (4.9-4.19) to mainline while also improving current features. I will be focusing on OpenWrt support mostly.