Banana Pi M5 and Odroid install


I’ve been desperately trying to install odroid ATV on my Banana Pi M5 for weeks. However, it just does not work. I followed the instructions here in the forum, but I only see the Banana Pi logo and then he reboots constantly. Likewise, after fresh Android emmc incorrectly after the first boot of the sd card, it no longer boots from Emmc memory. Now how exactly do I get odroid on my pi? Need that to install plex client. This is to replace Kodi at my home

You cannot get odroid software on pi. Its not exactly the same hardware.
Arm hardware is not the same like intel or amd.

Every device is unique and need its own software. You should look for Android tv for bpi m5 if anyone have worked on it.

Good luck.

I find just really little on the Internet about the Bpi M5. Would so love to get away from Kodi and use Android tv :confused:

I prefer the opposite.
Libreelec is better than Android as Android keep asking for login and permission to share your data.

Good luck finding.