Banana pi M4 2GB RAM version

Make 4GB version too. Price will 55USD like Raspberry pi 4 :yum::yum:

good idea !!! 4GB version for 55 USD. I will buy ! 1GB is useless. Think like Khadas and raspberry pi. Your M4 is not competitive

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Is there a chance to launch 2GB RAM version?

yes ,we will do this .

great news !!! please inform us on forum - hip hip hurray

BPI-M4 2GB sample ready :slight_smile:


great !!! good job !

hello When will it be available on your aliexpress store?

Are you going to wait for aliexpress with the sale of M4 2GB until the sale of M4 1GB is completed? You sold 52 out of 500 - something is not good. There is a position of Bananapi M2 Ultra with A40i processor but in the description for the same product you state that the computer has a processor and it is the R40 and the V40? So, what do you sell? Why do you have such bad descriptions of products on Aliexpress? Do I guess what you sell? Is it in your interest to describe the product well

BPI-M2 Ultra support V40/R40/A40i chip ,so other is same ,just main chip is not same.

BPI-M4 , the first 2000 pcs will out stock soon. but 2GB still under test . when we ready ,will volume-produce it .

Has nothing to do with sales of the 1GB version

when can i expect 2GB RAM version in your aliexpress store? do you still test the sbc?

iam asking again.: when can i expect 2GB RAM version in your aliexpress store? do you still test the sbc?

Hi, I’m excited to hear about the 2GB version, I already have the 1GB in the mail for testing.

I also would really like an upgraded eMMC, will these be released with more storage or does one have to upgrade eMMC themselves? How do I upgrade the eMMC myself and where do I get the parts?

Any update on 2gb ram and larger emmc versions?

do you have any news?

I just found out about these boards today. Its a HUGE improvement over RPi’s, that you have integrated: External antenna, Emmc, M.2. we are a rather large brew community that love these huge benefits, but is a bit concerned about the unambitious ram improvement to 2Gb. I sincerely hope, that you will consider 4Gb over 2Gb, the slight extra cost is peanuts. Ill notify the CraftbeerPi community about your boards today.

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we have do hardware test for 2GB , will public sale soon

We are waiting. 1GB RAM is useless with GUI. 640MB RAM are avalaible…

Banana Pi BPI-M4 2GB DDR4 version public sale