Banana Pi M3 Day 11/15/15 - Where to buy?

OK, today is the day! Where can I get one?

Oh gosh, how can they (SinoVoip) just be so inaccurate ?? We discussed the whole specification in length - and that it is important. The last pictures shows the PCB with DC Jack against all the other pictures AND the specification is just a bad screenshot. Not enough with the bad screenshot, also wrong information!! And so easy they could have copied nice HTML table from here

totally lousy job - is this Foxconn, the maker of Apple iPhone’s - really?

And this is their official ‘AliExpress Store’ just pathetic - haven’t just graduated Students not a little piece of pride in their chest to do things right?


Thanks so much. I have been advised NOT to use AliExpress, since they want me to send a copy of my passport to process my credit card.

Perhaps you could send an invoice via PayPal? I would be happy to pay (even for boards previously indicated to be sent for review purposes).

Perhaps a U.S. distributor is in order! I notice that even Odroid and SolidRun have U.S. distribution channels (in fact, I beleive carries your boards). Amazon too!

Please keep us posted with other options :slight_smile:

Tinyone systems still have a few left,