Banana Pi BPI-Wifi6 Mini test quectel EM05 4G module funtion

Banana Pi BPI-wifi6 mini test quectel EM05 4G module. cheap Triductor TR6560 + TR5220 wifi6 router

Banana Pi BPI-Wifi6 Mini Open source Router design with Triductor TR6560 + TR5220 wifi SOC, it is a mini size wifi6 router solution. Built-in high-performance dual-core ARM Cortec A9 processor for WIFI message forwarding or intelligent business processing, built-in high-performance LSW and hardware NAT, supporting up to 5Gbps message forwarding,Integrated 5GE PHY, provides 1000Mbps network access capability, and supports two WAN ports. Support hardware intelligent QoS. Support dual-band 2.4G 40M 22 +5G160M2.2 DBDC WIFI,Wifi protocol version support to IEEE 802.11ax, backward compatible 802.11a /b/g/n/ac, can support the highest rate of 3Gbps, 2G will reach 573.5Mbps, while 5G will reach 2401.9Mbp

more please see: Banana Pi BPI-WiFi6 Mini | BananaPi Docs

we also test quectel RM500U on BPI-Wifi6 mini . work fine.

which project are you want to do with this mini board???