Banana Pi BPI-W2 Shutdown

We’re having an issue trying to shut down our Banana PI BPI-W2 board elegantly. From the terminal, if we issue the “poweroff” command, the procedure hangs in a very similar fashion to this thread

Same image, same file system corruption on shutdown, same everything. We saw that there hasn’t been any updates to that the thread in 6 months, and we were wondering if a solution was ever found.

It looks like SinoVoip has abandoned the Banana Pi W2. I don’t know if you get reply from creator of Banana Pi.

well, crap. i have a project i was really hoping to use it for.

does anyone know if there’s another banan pi model that can power 3.5" SATA drives?

You should look for R64. If I’m not in failure, R64 supports 3,5" HDD.