Banana Pi BPI-W2 (RTD1296) new image : Openwrt Lede with Kernel 4.9

Banana Pi BPI-W2 (RTD1296) new image : Openwrt Lede with Kernel 4.9

video demo on youtube:


build BPI-W2 uboot & openwrt for emmc boot ,support weston-terminal,so support weston wayland and ffmpeg

Getting started

  1. build uboot
   a. cd Bootcode/U-Boot64
      ./ [RTD16xx_spi|RTD16xx_emmc|RTD129x_spi|RTD129x_emmc]
   b. ./ RTD129x_emmc
   c. ls -al DVRBOOT_OUT/RTD129x_emmc/B00-RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866-nas-RTD1296_emmc.bin

  1. build openwrt
   a. cd  OpenWRT-LEDE
   b. cp -a configs/129x_kernel49_nas_videoplayer.config .config
   c. make oldconfig
   d. make V=s -j4
   e. ls -al bin/targets/realtek/rtd129x-glibc/install.img
   f. ls -al bin/targets/realtek/rtd129x-glibc/rescue

  1. install uboot to emmc (boot from SD and write uboot to emmc)
   a. prepare BPI-W2 ubuntu or debian SD 
   b. cp -a Bootcode/U-Boot64/DVRBOOT_OUT/RTD129x_emmc/B00-RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866-nas-RTD1296_emmc.bin /media/pi/BPI-BOOT
   c. BPI-W2 switch SW4 set to "1" boot from sd (ubuntu or debian) and press ESC
   d. fatload sd 0:1 0x01500000 B00-RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866-nas-RTD1296_emmc.bin
   e. go 0x01500000

  1. install openwrt to emmc
   a. prepare U-DISK with fat32 file system
   b. cp -a OpenWRT-LEDE/bin/targets/realtek/rtd129x-glibc/install.img /media/pi/BPI-BOOT
   c. cp -a OpenWRT-LEDE/bin/targets/realtek/rtd129x-glibc/rescue/* /media/pi/BPI-BOOT
   d. BPI-W2 switch SW4 set to "0" boot from emmc and press ESC
   e. go ru

download link:

if anyone need source code and help us to development ,please PM github account to us ,we will add you in our github team.

Even your screenshot has error messages. It seems like openWRT is just not well supported on this board.

HI BPI team

Where I can download the openwrt source code of W2? Please help to advise

I also need openwrt, where can I download the source code, thank you

I just ordered the BPI-W2 board and planning to build a customized Openwrt for use as an VPN router. Anybody can point me to the current version of Openwrt source tree repo?

Unfortunately this version is not working properly. Recognize only eth0, the dlna server does not work, and there is no official support at It is excellent hardware, but the support becomes unusable.

I also requested access to the files and until today I have not received … I will be choosing another card to mount the small one …

Hello Banana pi team,

I am interested in participating for contribution. Mostly I am working on peripheral bringup and board bring and porting.

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what board are you want???

Pensez au bpi w2. Merci 1931.

please add me to openwrt source repo,

Всем привет! У меня проблема. Сломался загрузчик на моем zidoo z9x (rtd1619). Обращался на форум зиду, не смогли помочь. Возможно здесь мне кто-нибудь сможет помочь восстановить загрузчик? Заинтересовала вот эта строчка: ./ [RTD16xx_spi|RTD16xx_emmc|RTD129x_spi|RTD129x_emmc]

Hello, I would like to ask whether the firmware includes FFMPEG that supports hard decoding