Banana Pi BPI-W2 operating temperature?

Could you advice me what is an operating temperature for Banana Pi BPI-W2? Is it industrial -15~75℃ like for M2? Thank you for the answer.

Hi Hanka

My temperatures are : 55 -> 105C°.

  • IDLE 50C°.
  • CPU 10% : 55-60.
  • CPU 50% -> 100% : 68 -> 105C°. (8W -> 15W) My device is terribly warm. In addition, BananaPi introduces the RTD1296 1.5Ghz while it is BP at [1.4Ghz] not [1.5Ghz]. The two, (more documentation doesn’t exist) are clearly inaccurate.

TiP ~ For those who have the same problem as me with temperature, try to DownClock the CPU:

sudo cpufreq-set -u 1.15Ghz

She is asking about environment temperaturę, I think