Banana-Pi-BPI-R64 how can I use two pcie port together?

how can I use two pcie port together? when I use one pcie for 4G module the other for MT7615, the MT7615 will cannot up. the wlan1 cannot create.

system: openwrt with kernel 4.19.

Afair only the pcie shared with sata supports usb,which may be needed by 4g module (read it somewhere here). So 4g card needs to be there and mt7615 in the other. Then you need pcie solitting patches (see my repo) if they are not yet in openwrt (not yet mainline). And maybe your hw-rev (needs to be >1.0,as below misses capacitors on tx) prevents working. I don’t know if dbdc depends on usb,but you can check with other slot

hi frank-w,

my R64 is V1.1, and I connect EC25 in CN8 pcie port, the other connect MT7615.

ok,should be right

mt7615 is recognized in cn25, but only dbdc-mode does not work?

does your openwrt have the pcie-patches i’ve mentioned?

there are at least these 2 Patches needed:

PCI: mediatek: Add new method to get shared pcie-cfg base and irq

arm64: dts: mediatek: Split PCIe node for MT2712 and MT7622

thanks frank, and I check the R64 4.19 ,see the dts is setting right. but missing the kernel patch, I will rebuild it for

hi frank,

seems 4.19 different? I cannot use this kernel patch.

have not try to add patches to 4.19 cause r64-support starts with 5.4 in my repo :slight_smile: