Banana Pi BPI-R64 boot error

hello guys

board stopped loading

F0: 102B 0000
F6: 3800 00A0
F3: 0000 0000
V0: 0000 0000 [0001]
00:0000 0000
BP: 0400 0041 [0000]
G0: 1190 0000
T0: 0000 0270 [000F]

Jump to BL
NOTICE: BL2: v2.4(release):OpenWrt v2021-05-08-d2c75b21-3 (mt7622-emmc-2ddr)
NOTICE: BL2: Built : 22:44:41, Oct 14 2022
ERROR: no DATLAT taps pass, DATLAT calibration fail!
ERROR: DATLAT calibration fail, write back to 20!
ERROR: EMI: complex R/W mem test failed: -1
ERROR: Partition 'fip' not found
PANIC at PC : 0x000000000020473c

hardware problem?

Have you flashed new (incompatible) image?

Bpi-r2 is mt7623 not mt7622 (r64).

sorry, bpi-r64


That seems to be the emmc version which is booting… Change the bootswitch? Or is the emmc version accidentally written to sdcard? Or perhapse the sdcard is not bootable. Do you get the same result with sdcard removed?

This looks like DRAM calibration has failed. I’ve seen this before when

  • building ARM Trusted Firmware with the wrong DRAM calibration binaries (1ddr vs. 2ddr/fly-by)
  • using cpufreq to set CPU voltage to anything less than 1.0V before reboot which breaks DRAM calibration on reboot
  • broken power supply or otherwise unstable 12V supply to the board

I guess you would see similar things in case something on the board broke (hardware fault), could be voltage regulator or oscillator, or the SoC or DRAM chips themselves…

checked several power supplies, no change. it happens that the board starts up if you press reset several times. what tests can be carried out to check what is the problem? check SoC and DRAM?

@dangowrt is this really right? afair it should be DDR3_FLYBY=1 (do not know about openwrt buildchain…maybe it is 2ddr)

As I wrote above, 2ddr means fly-by topology and it’s correct.

you guys talking about some kind of “street magic” =) can I somehow calibrate and run the board or should I buy a new one?

First of all, verify that the board boots with SinoVoip’s images, as that is supposedly what they are using for QA. If the board also doesn’t boot with SinoVoip’s SD-card image, then you should probably claim it as a warranty case and receive a new one.

Anyway, you say you are using a sdcard image, but the log shows an emmc image. So the log does not respond to the image you have downloaded. This way you can keep trying without results. First try to boot the image you write to actually start booting.