Banana Pi BPI-R4 Wifi 7 router board with MediaTek MT7988A (Filogic 880),4G RAM and 8G eMMC

@dangowrt do you know if the new TOPS system in MT7988 supports PPPOE offload? Some ISPs use it even with 10G plans so it would be great if it could be offloaded at those speeds.


Will this support the Quectel RM520N-GL 5G modem module?

The manufacturer’s pdf shows this: INTERFACE -

  • USB 2.0 × 1
  • USB 3.0/3.1 × 1
  • PCIe 3.0 × 1


any news about release date for R4 (without Wifi and with 2 10G ports)?

Thanks in advance

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Small batch has been produced, please contact:[email protected]

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Hy. Any news about a release date? Thanks you ^^

And maybe approximate pricing for base board and wifi addon card? Thank you, patiently waiting for release.

I’m really curious about the target price as well. I assume quite a bit above R3 if you have the WiFi board included.

There is a typo on the wifi board picture on the wiki. The MT7977B is marked as a 6GHz chip, but it’s the 5Ghz chip.

It would have been nice if the USB 2.0 connection was connected to the USB-C connector, but I don’t see that happening. It would be nice however if you could include at least a GND pin next to the USB_P0_CON_DM/DP.

Do you have a dxf with the silkscreen included or a high resolution image of the board where it’s readable?

the A and the B are marked as 6GHZ…so A is 6GHz and B is 5GHz?

Yes, exactly. The docs i found says that and if you look at the board and where they marked connectors as 5G and follow the traces they all go to the MT7977B one. I’m confident it’s a typo.

ok, i have changed in my wiki…also noticed another typo…the text above the picture on Banana Pi BPI-R4 - Banana Pi Wiki tells:


second should be the 2.4GHz Frontend mt7975 (not mt7995).

@sinovoip can you fix these 2 typos

Could you please share when you will approx announce sell in official store on AliExpress?

I do see some other stores advertising BPI R4 on AliExpress. But, without case and power adapter…

I had asked them via Taobao in China, they said it might be released in the end of November.

Banana Pi BPI-R4 Router board with MediaTek MT7988A (Filogic 880) Public sale


I am particularly interested in the 10GB ports, and the M.2 KeyB for 5G (USB 3.2) slot, I hope one can use the Quectel 5G RM521F-GL in this slot to it’s full capacity? Also interested in the slot for WiFi 7 module. Looks to be a beast. I should order one of these, though, waiting for them to be available on Amazon. That’s where I got my BPI-R3 kit from.

Anyone understand this?

2x 10Gbe SFP slot (option 1x 10Gbe SFP and 1x SOC embedded 2.5Gbe PHY. NOTE: Need to modify hardware)

there is a hardware-version with 2x10G sfp-slot and one with 1x10G sfp-slot and second is replaced by a fixed 2.5G Phy+POE

See images in first post…

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Thanks. Sorry about the double posts…

Hi , I’ve bought one to play with, i’ll be more interested if there would be four 2,5gig ports on switch. I have also place for R5 with two 25 gig sfp28 ports .