Banana Pi BPI-R4 cannot see QCA9880

Hi all! Today I received this long-awaited board and decided to immediately try it out, but the problem with the QCA9880 is not detected by the board in any way, lpci command does not write anything even though all the packages are installed. There is no mention of loading firmware in dmesg, please help! Firmware taken from openvrt snapshots, booted from sdcard.

It’s strange that my question remains unanswered for so long. Maybe this is because it is impossible to launch any other cards except the mediatek? Maybe then somewhere there is a list of recommended and compatible ones for this board?

17h are too long? I know that are issues with qca cards on bpi routers in past,no idea about r4

i also have 3 of those qualcom modules and an intel, none works. i use now a mediatek (mt76), that works. seems like there are some incompatibilities between the pins.

This is more a question of prestige, such things as support for boards from other manufacturers are very important and now I’m not speaking for myself, but I assume that similar questions from other enthusiasts will soon follow + your WiFi 7 board still cannot be purchased, but I really want it. Plus questions with support for SFP modules: none of the ones I have (Fiber Trade) worked.

You cannot expect that we have all hardware an can give a valid answer for all hardware…i can only talk about hardware i have…

Just to be clear, i’m no employee of bpi or mtk,i do all in my (limited) free time like some others (e.g. eric,daniel).

If you do not want to dig into these things a bit,just buy a ready to use product and no developer board.

I apologize if I unwittingly offended you with my message. I had no idea that you were an employee, there is simply no information collected in one place about supported hardware, release dates, etc.

I’m no employee here…as i said i answer and work on support/wiki in my freetime.

It is impossible to test all combinations of different hardware.

Realease-dates depend on multiple things…at least on test-results which needs software support.

Then you should post more information if nobody has a full answer…

For pci issues at least dmesg and lspci are a minimum.

As oli and me said there are issues with these atheros cards, we have no idea whats the cause for it.

And please be patient…there are only a few people here answering questions.

I installed AR9287 now - it works great.